Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
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Spa Treatments

Spa Treatment

Traditional Mandi Lulur
IDR 450,000 – 120 minutes
The epitome of Balinese massage, this detoxifying and stimulating herbal skin preparation flushes away tension, followed by a cooling yoghurt rub. The final touch is a relaxing soak in a Balinese flower bath and a fresh pressed herbal tonic.

Traditional Balinese Boreh
IDR 410,000 – 90 minutes
The essence of the Spice Islands – clove, ginger, nutmeg, and root of galangal are ground together in a volcanic stone mortar to create a detoxifying body scrub. This is followed by a full Swedish massage and a nourishing application sandalwood moisturizer.

Tjampuhan Healing Massage
IDR 380,000 – 75 minutes
Relax with a head to toe healing massage using Tjampuhan aromatic oil and salt to soften the skin. Then leisurely soak in a bath infused with sea salt and fresh flowers.

Tjampuhan Body Scrub
IDR 380,000 – 75 minutes
A body scrub that really makes you feels like royalty that includes a rejuvenating massage, carrot rub and a long soak in a Bali flower bath to replenish tired looking skin.
Choose from : - Avocado – Seaweed, - Coconut – Green tea

Beauty Facial
IDR 410,000 – 60 minutes
This nurturing ritual uses Biokos products to cleanse and hydrate the skin. It also includes a reviving head, neck and shoulder massage.

Traditional Balinese Massage
IDR 340,000 – 60 minutes
A full body massage using long strokes and kneading pressure with a choice of Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils to ease muscle tension and travel weariness.

Acupressure Massage
IDR 270,000 – 60 minutes
Direct contact massage, from head to toe, providing overall body rejuvenation focusing on the breathing techniques essential to effective acupressure therapies.

Swedish Massage
IDR 270,000 – 60 minutes
Absorb the essence of Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils while our Swedish massage therapy soothes and stimulates, stretches and re-aligns both body and spirit.

Tjampuhan Special Treatments
IDR 200,000 – 30 minutes
Choose from :

- Shoulder Massage
An efficient relief of neck, shoulder and upper back tension. This technique helps to improve blood circulation, upper body stress and emotional well-bring.

- Tjampuhan Face Massage
This facial uses the natural and calming properties of Biokos creams to refresh and moisturize the skin.

- Traditional Foot massage
A special treatment to relax and refresh tired foot muscles and promote improved circulation to induce relaxation.

- Reflexology Massage
This special foot massage assist in the relief of stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy constantly flowing through channels of zones, which unite at reflex points on the feet.

Rates are subject to 12.5 % Government Tax and 10 % Service Charge