Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
Walter Spies

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatment

Traditional Balinese Massage
A full body treatment massage with Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils, with a choice of Ratu Bidadari (Angle Queen) and Rajawangi oils (Royal Essence)
• 60 minutes US$25++

Traditional Mandi Lulur
The epitome of Balinese massage: detoxifying & stimulating herbal skin preparations flush away all tension, followed by a cooling yoghurt rub for Ph balance, with the final touches of a Bali flower bath and fresh pressed herbal tonic.
• 120 minutes US$33++

Traditional Balinese Boreh
Essence of the spice island - clove, ginger, nutmeg & root of galangal, ground together in a volcanic stone mortar - lightly applies a blood circulation and detoxifying scrub in preparation for a full body Swedish massage, complemented by moisturising sandalwood.
• 120 minutes US$33++

Swedish Massage
Absorb the essences of Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils while our Swedish-technique massage therapist soothes and stimulates, stretches and re-aligns both body & spirit.
• 60 minutes US$25++

Acupressure Massage
Direct contact massage, from head to toe, providing overall body rejuvenation focusing on the breathing techniques essential to effective acupressure therapies.
• 60 minutes US$25++

Head/Neck/Shoulder Facial Massage
Stimulating and refreshing the upper body with Biokos toner and mask, connecting face, skin, bones & nerves with your inner-spirit.
• 60 minutes US$30++